UK wives having illicit affairs

Women who cheat is a growing statistic here in the UK. there's no stigma attached to women that like to sleep around anymore, at one time women that had one night stands with many different men would of been called a slag or a slut, these days women having casual sex with strangers and a quicky around the bike shed is pretty common, so common in fact that there are nor hundreds of web sites catering to women helping them find men for casual sex. UK wives having illicit affairs has also increased, they here of celebrities cheating on their husbands and boyfriends, they read books like 50 shades of gray and think why should they miss out on all the fun and want a piece of the action and who can blame them? UK wives enjoy sex just as much as men and they to have sexual needs that can only be relieved by having sex and sometimes that sex has to be with a total stranger.

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